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Dixy retail chain is going to use neural networks in its business processes

Dixy retail chain is going to use neural networks in its business processes
Photo credit: Dixy press service

Russian retail chain Dixy, in collaboration with OSA Hybrid Platform, is launching a big data platform managed by artificial intelligence with the help of blockchain technology - the retailer’s representatives told ForkLog magazine.

Supported by deep learning and computer vision technologies, the company plans to conduct data analysis, which will allow it to improve on-shelf availability at Dixy stores, increase shopper loyalty and grow retail sales.

“Optimizing business processes and supply chain will reflect positively on our operational efficiency”, says Dixy press service.

With the help of this project, the company plans to achieve a minimum of 2% growth in retail turnover.

“OSA HP is a very convenient tool that will save us time while allowing us to keep all our shelves in ideal condition”, says Vadim Makarenko, Dixy’s Director of Strategic Marketing and coordinator of this project on behalf of the retailer.

200 of Dixy’s Moscow stores took part in OSA’s pilot project, and the retailer is considering a possibility of scaling up the service to all 2550 stores under the Dixy brand.

In 2018, Dixy Group showed robust business results, with reported profit of 942 million rubles and year-on-year sales growth of 4.6% thanks to the increase in traffic and in the size of average transaction.